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Travel and Immunization Clinic

Travel plans often necessitates a review of immunization status, need for booster dose, a  new vaccine or  prescription for specific medications such as anti-malarial drugs or antibiotics  depending on the area where the student is traveling to.  

In preparation for the trip we invite students to visit the student health center not only to address the above, but for a risk assessment to determine the best advice to ensure a healthy and safe travel. Since travel health advice needs to be tailored both to the individual and travel itinerary, prior to your visit to the student health center, check Center for Disease Control travel page at: for following information:  

  1. Review country specific information for immunization requirements and recommendations
  2. Any health risk in the area and recommendations for injury and disease prevention such as malaria prophylaxis

 Have the following information handy as well:

  1. Style of travel, length of stay, season of travel
  2. Any medical problems, current prescriptions, over the counter medications, previous travel, immune problems, pregnancy issues

Many insurance programs now cover basic immunizations and booster doses with no charge under their preventive programs. If needed, a prescription is written for the student to take to a nearby vaccine clinic. The health center does not stock vaccines since we do not bill for our services and costs of vaccines.  

Occasionally, for more complicated travel itineraries, a referral to a physician who specializes in travel medicine is advisable, and the health center can facilitate this visit.