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Sexual Health Services

Health Services promotes wellness for the whole person, and this includes sexual health.  Information on testing/screening, examination, diagnosis, treatment and referral are available for all enrolled students.  We are also able to address concerns regarding human sexuality and physiologic responses, prevention of disease, symptoms of disease and sexual dysfunction. Services are provided in a confidential and non-judgmental environment.

Testing at the Student Health Center:

Students are often eligible for annual STI testing that is covered by insurance. LabCorp is the laboratory used by Health Services; students should confirm whether this is an in-network laboratory for their plan. Students may also elect to have STI testing that is billed through the Bursar's account. Charges to the Bursar's account do not include any information about specific tests or services received. Please discuss the available options with your provider.

Testing off campus:
Andrew Escajeda Comprehensive Care Services (AECCS)
Planned Parenthood of Pasadena
North Hollywood Health Center
Monrovia Health Center

Free condoms are available in the Health Services waiting room and bathroom area.