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Prescription Services

Health Services carries a selection of commonly prescribed medications as well as over-the-counter treatments.  The cost of the medications dispensed by Health Services is simply the cost of the medication and a small packaging fee. These costs will not be reimbursed by Caltech UHC insurance plan. Other insurance carriers may reimburse costs for prescription items purchased at Health Services; it is the responsibility of the student to work with their insurance carrier.  A receipt can be provided to you by the front office staff. The Health Services medication price list can be found here.

Health Services providers may also submit refill requests electronically to the pharmacy of your choice. You may request a refill through the Student Health Portal at The Caltech UHC plan also offers mail-order service to allow convenient and cost-effective delivery of some medications.

Mail–Order Prescriptions for Caltech UHC Students
Mail-Order prescriptions work best for refills and medications you take on an ongoing basis. For example, if you need medication quickly to treat an infection, you wouldn’t use the mail-order service. But if you need ongoing medication (for example, for a chronic problem such as asthma), it is very convenient to have your medication delivered to you in the mail. You will save money and avoid repeated trips to the pharmacy.

To obtain your prescription medication through mail-order delivery, simply pick up an UHC Rx Delivery mail-order form at the Health Services front desk and mail your prescription to:

PO Box 2975
Mission, KS  66201

Prescription Drugs: When you use UHC Preferred (PPO) pharmacies, you will pay a flat co-payment for medications. There is a tiered system of co-payments depending on the drug and whether it is generic or name-brand. Prescription Drug List.

The first time you fill a prescription through the mail-order service, it is a good idea to ask for a two week supply to be filled at a local pharmacy to ensure that you have medication while your mail-order request is processed, in addition to the prescription for a 90-day supply with refills to send along with your mail-order form.

For more information on the mail-order service or to re-order a prescription, please visit

Mail-Order for Non-Caltech UHC Insurance - Health Services providers can assist with prescriptions, however, please check with your specific insurance carrier on process and costs.