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Gynecological Care

Health Services offers annual gynecologic exams, diagnosis and treatment of gynecological disorders including STI’s (sexually transmitted illnesses), pregnancy testing, birth control and emergency contraception (EC). The cost of urine pregnancy testing is $10.00 and EC costs $15.00.

The student health center does not dispense contraception on site. The nurse practitioners can call in new birth control prescriptions and provide refill authorization (refer to pharmacy and prescription services). Although most plans cover the cost of contraception, students can refer to their individual insurance policy for specific information.

Intrauterine Devices (IUDs) are not placed at the health center but we can refer the student to an appropriate ob-gyn physician for this service. Planned Parenthood on N. Lake in Pasadena also provides extensive ob-gyn services and sometimes students will want to use this off-campus service. Information about Planned Parenthood can be accessed at

Routine annual gynecologic/pelvic examinations are scheduled visits requiring an appointment.  Referrals to off-site ob-gyn providers are available as well. Students covered by CIT-UHC are eligible for annual exams here at the student health center. Students with other health insurance will need to check their insurance to see if their plan acknowledges Dr. Stuart C. Miller, our medical director, as a provider. If so, these students can access the clinic for their annual exams.

Free condoms are available at the health center and sometimes we have other sample contraception that can be dispensed to students in need. We welcome LGBTQ and transgender students with questions re: gynecological and sexual health concerns. Appropriate referral is available.