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Medical Consultations/Referrals

The health center provides care and treatment of the most common illness and injuries seen among college students. If needed, students are referred to either Urgent Care, the Huntington Medical Hospital (HMH) Emergency Department, or to any preferred provider specialty group for further care and management.

Continuity Care

Students with chronic medical conditions (e.g. diabetes, asthma, Crohns disease, rheumatoid arthritis) are advised to speak to one of the nurse practitioners to ensure that ongoing medical care and follow-up is in place. This is preferably done prior to arriving at Caltech so an appropriate plan of care is in place in advance of matriculation.

If a student decides to maintain follow-up with his or her current physician the following information should be provided to the Health Center:

  • Name and address of current physician
  • Current telephone and fax numbers

If a student decides to transfer care to a local physician, the following information is needed by the health center.

  • Name and address of physician
  • Current telephone and fax numbers
  • Copies of any pertinent information (work-ups, lab results, diagnosis, consults and ongoing treatment)

The above information is needed for coordination of care provided by the primary care physician and the Health Center staff, and for the smooth transition of care from the current primary physician to a local provider.