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Information for New Incoming Students

Your health care is very important to us. Prior to enrollment, please complete the Student Health Form.  Please download the Student Health Form and follow instructions for submission.

Please Note: The Student Health Form must be completed in two parts: Health Form by a Physician and My Caltech Health Portal. For instructions on completing the part 2 of your health form, please click here.

The California State Department of Health Services and the Institute require students to have completed immunization records against all vaccine-preventable diseases as a condition of enrollment. If documentation of immunization is not available, re-vaccination is required. 

Your Student Health Form will assist us to plan your health care needs. It is important that these forms be returned to the Student Health Services by July 15, 2017. Contact the Student Health Services at (626) 395-6393 or e-mail if you need further assistance.

We appreciate your timely cooperation and look forward to caring for your future health needs as you pursue your professional and academic goals.